Short sleepers of how NOT to fall asleep

Last night I slept for 5 hours; it is more than 2 a.m. now and I cannot fall asleep that doesn’t surprise me as it is my usual condition. Therefore, I have time to think during the night, so I’ve developed several theories about causes of my insomnia. The first and the most obvious reason for sleepless nights is my addiction to coffee. I should drink at least one large cup in the morning in order to stay in a working condition. And this addiction is very strong so that, when I tried not to drink coffee for a week I survived only two awful days without it. This is sad, because I sometimes feel as if I am a drug addict.

Afterwards I realized that it is not because of caffeine it is hard to fall asleep, there are also some mental reasons. I’ve noticed that sometimes I enjoy the state in which I am staying when I sleep too little. It is similar to the one you have after drinking a glass of wine. So maybe I sleep not enough on purpose, because I want to be in this light inebriation, which also leads to some kind of addiction.

But tonight while struggling with falling asleep I found a wonderful article called “The Sleepless Elite” in the Wall Street Journal. The situation described there is very similar to my, so I’ve just started to develop the third theory, that seems to be the best of all. Well, maybe it is actually normal for me to sleep less than 7 hours on a daily basis. Or maybe I am like a real addicted person just try to make excuses and convince myself that I am not addicted. So far I find it difficult to answer with certainty.

But what I know is that there are some things that it is better to avoid, when you struggle with sleeping:

  1. Watching exciting movies. The one I’ve just watched is called Shutter Island. + 1 to my paranoia and too much new thoughts. 
  2. Answering on questions. Yesterday I registered on and received a lot of questions. It is interesting, but it takes time to think.
  3. Reading articles on the Internet. Well, I think that tonight is an exception, because of the article I found, but usually it is too time consuming. For example, today I’ve spent an hour watching and reading about different illusions, at least I found something I had never seen before:
  4. Finally, I think writing in a blog is also a doubtful idea…if only a day had more hours.

    Look in the middle for 20 seconds and then look on something else.

    Look on the cross and see ugly faces.

    Look in the middle until everything disappears.

    Look in the middle until everything disappears.


2 thoughts on “Short sleepers of how NOT to fall asleep

  1. That article is fantastic. I used to panic because I’d still be awake at 2:00 am when I had to get up the next day. I found that article about a year ago and decided to quit fighting insomnia and just embrace it. I get 2-3 hours if sleep a night now and actually feel BETTER during the day than I used to. I don’t recommend it unless someone thinks they might have the “short sleeper” gene (are you female? do a lot of the women in your family stay up all night? if so, could be). I feel lucky, but sometimes it’s hard to amuse myself at 3:00 am. : )

    • Oh, I need more hours for sleeping than you, but still less than other people, maybe around 4. But I also enjoy that, especially the fact that I can manage to do a lot during the day/night.
      Yes, I am a female, my mum and sister sleep normally, but my grandmother doesn’t. So, maybe I really have this “short sleeper” gene, because usually all genetics stuff transmits a generation later, meaning not directly from parents, but from grandparents.

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