Side effects

Last night I was invited to the premier of a movie called “Side effects”.  The organizers tried to make the event “special”, so that it would differ from the usual film session, therefore we were welcomed by “nurses”, who treated guests with champagne and pills; consequently there were also prize drawing and exhibition with human phobias. I will refrain from criticism regarding the implementation of all that features, after all they matched the film topic, so the appropriate atmosphere was created.


As for the film itself, I was pleasantly surprised, it wasn’t so bad! Without revealing the plot I would say that there is a couple of unexpected turns and the actors played well, especially Rooney Mara and Jude Law.

But what is really important is that the film made me think about the current situation with all these pills from depression and sessions with psychotherapists.I am not a doctor and I’ve never been in depression (well, maybe once, I am not sure), but I think that medical treatment should be used when there is nothing else could save the person. But what happens now is that pharmaceutical companies pay doctors for prescribing pills, so doctors might cure their patients with pills, even when other less dangerous methods can be applied.

Everything would be fine if there were no side effects…

P.S. A couple of days before I was selecting models for the Riga Fashion Week, it is a different story, but I think that you can understand everything from my skeptical look. –> Casting for Riga Fashion Week



3 thoughts on “Side effects

  1. This is such a great post! People really think pills solve everything and basically ignore the side effects which can be as bad as the original problem, or worse. Nobody should take pills until they’ve tried all of the other alternative solutions first.

  2. Your kind of attitude just furthers stigma towards mental illness, thus contributing to a culture in which individuals do not seek help and do not get treatment. Mental illnesses are illnesses – you are not “in” a depression, you “suffer from depression”, and it is something which is diagnosed by medical professionals – not by a random internet search. Your tone is very patronising – “save” and “cure” aren’t really appropriate. Often, with mental illness, medication is used in conjunction with talking therapies in order to *aid* recovery. Medication is never, and isn’t advertised as, a “cure”. It is designed to make a “normal life” easier for the sufferer – not as a miracle pill that will cure all their problems.

    The vast majority of psychiatric medication is not “dangerous” and would not be available if it was – a vital part of the film is that the medication she takes is brand new and being trialed…Hence why there’s so many adverts and the share prices rise etc. In fact, we even find out that it’s NOT the medication that causes her behaviour – she is acting, and isn’t even taking the pills.
    …The medication in the film is not like Prozac or other common psychiatric meds, which have been around and well-used for decades. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that they are “dangerous”, and to say so is sensationalist and ignorant.

    Whilst medication *is* over-used and there *is* a problem with the power dynamics behind pharmaceutical firms, as someone with neither experience nor knowledge on mental illness, it is not your place to condemn those who take medication nor those who prescribe it. I encourage you do to some more research, if mental health is something you wish to talk about. There’s enough rubbish and prejudice out there about mental illness as there is. Mind have a lot of useful information –

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