Riga Fashion Week

I want to write something about Riga Fashion Week, but I’ve just understood that I can’t. All week has merged into one day or rather one show.

I was helping my sister from yesterday’s morning until the very last moment, when everything was ready and I made sure that the show could begin. I ran out from the backstage and managed to take my place in the first row very quickly, despite the fact that there were hundreds of people in the hall and they was standing very close to each other. I sat down and people around started to ask me about the situation in the backstage and when the show will start…I have a memory blackout for the next couple of minutes and the next moment I remember is how the show started. Darkness in the hall and then the video – it’s worth thousand of words!

It smoothly flowed in the soundtrack and next 2o minutes one after another models were appealing on the podium in absolutely gorgeous dresses. My favorite is the one I wore on the Latvian Fashion and Style Awards, but I also fell in love with the last wedding dress – masterpiece!


You can see the whole collection here. And other collections here.


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