Creating the shopwindow for Woolings

In the beginning was the Sketch, and the Sketch was with Idea, and the Sketch was Idea.

So the idea was to place Adam and Eve on two Woolings shoes and put printed pictures on the sides of the shopwindow; then place a cube with the text and the slogan “Endless Harmony” in the middle of the window and hang above Woolings shoes and accessories.


1. The first challenge for me was to cut Adam and Eve from Durer’s painting and separate a pair of Woolings shoes from the photo. Below are the original pictures.

Adam and EveWoolings2. It was difficult but I’ve managed to remove the First couple from the painting and separate the Pair. Then I’ve placed Adam on left shoe’s laces and Eva on right shoe’s laces.

image description

3.  The hard part was to drive in nails into the board so that to put shoes on them. Below you can see Maria Vlasova, the Creator of Woolings, easily performing this uneasy task. I think we should say thank you to the Light for help:) After that we applied the text and the logo on the board above the cube. Oh, that also wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, because we needed to separate each letter from the transfer tape and in Latvian language there were letters and characters that didn’t want to be normally separated… e.g. points about “i” and lengthening marks in letters “ū”, “ē”, “ā”…

2013-12-13 16.39.30

4. The last part was to enjoy the result! And the result turned out to be better than I expected.

Woolings shopwindow in the evening

Woolings shopwindow in the evening

Woolings shopwindow in the morning

Woolings shopwindow in the morning

P.S. Adam and Eve wear Woolings. Do you? 



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