Katya Katya Shehurina at Riga Fashion Week

Note: You have to listen to the music from the show to feel the atmosphere.



From all the fashion shows we have ever arranged this was the most unusual. But neither because something unexpected has happened, nor we’ve made a scandalous performance. On the contrary, it seems to me that the show was more organised and smooth than ever before.

It was unusual not on the podium, but behind the scenes. For the first time in our Riga Fashion Week history my sister wasn’t there. I don’t know about the other, but I really missed her! But we had a great team of organisers, models, stylists and friends, who were helping to us. Many thanks to all!

The collection itself of course wasn’t new to me. Recently, we were participating with it in the trade exhibition in Paris. I’ve tried on every single dress and saw the lookbook…but I’ve realised how beautiful and delicate are the dresses only when all the models were ready for coming out on the catwalk with appropriate hairstyles and makeup. Then I fully felt this atmosphere of French boudoir, which was one of sources of inspiration for this collection and at that moment I’ve lost the feeling that my sister wasn’t there, it seemed that she was hiding somewhere behind the models; that is because she and her personality can be seen so well in these dresses, her style cannot be confused with anybody else’s. And I respect her for it; for the fact that she doesn’t listen to all these “fashion experts” who accuse her in repeating things from the past collections. Open your eyes, these dresses are all different, but what stays the same is the style. You can look at the dress and confidently say – this is the dress from Katya Shehurina and I would like to have it in my wardrobe:)

Below are some photos from the show and several my favourite dresses and favourite moments from the show. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos myself, because I didn’t have time.

Photos of the full collection can be found here

the end

Jacqueline dress

Jacqueline dress

Tiffany dress

Tiffany dress

Ophelia dress

Ophelia dress

Aida dress

Aida dress

Me, Lisa and Marina

Me, Lisa and Marina

Behind the scenes. Photo by Alesya Bondarenko www.nuvo.lv

Behind the scenes. Photo by Alesya Bondarenko http://www.nuvo.lv

P.S. My dear sister, thank you for making this world more beautiful! I’m proud of you!


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