Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama in RigaLast Monday, September 9 I went on a public lecture by Dalai Lama. The event took place in Arena Riga and I was surprised to see that almost all seats were taken. I am not a Buddhist, I went there because of my curiosity; not every day laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize come to Riga, don’t they? I wanted to listen to Dalai Lama’s speech,  and I hoped to find some answers…

There is one thing about which I am thinking for the last couple of years. I think that every person comes to this world with a certain mission. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have a choice, of course we do, we can choose the path, but not the final destination. For example, my sister knew from the very childhood that one day she will become a designer and despite all the difficulties she was always moving towards this goal. Now she is a designer and I know that she is happy, because she found a right place. And please understand that I am not talking about career choice. For some people career coincides with their mission; for example, if you know that you have to educate people most probably you would work in fields related to education. So, the question I was thinking about is why some people realize what they have to do earlier than the others? I was looking the answer on this question, because I still don’t know what is my mission in this world.

Did Dalai Lama answer on my question? No, at least not directly. But  I’ve realized some things for myself. I understood that if I don’t know what is my mission, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with me. It means that at the current stage of my life I don’t have enough knowledge and experience for the implementation of my mission. I have to learn more, I have to go through more situations in my life, I have to understand myself better.

Lets return to Dalai Lama’s speech. Well, it was completely different from the one I was expecting to hear. He started his speech with saying that all human beings are the same, we have the same emotions and the same feelings. He really believed in his own words, it can be seen from the way he was talking, joking and laughing as if we were his old friends. I can’t say that he said something new. No, but he was talking about things that can be repeated over and over. Here are some of his quotes:

Sensorial satisfaction is temporary.

Peace of mind is important for your body; healthy mind leads to healthy body.

You can be very rich and powerful, but you mind might be very small.

We are all the same. If I can cope with anger, so can you.

It is a mistake to accept anger as a natural state of mind.

Internal beauty is more important that the external one.

The problem of education is that we don’t educate our heart.

Meaning of life is happiness.

What is difference between my life and yours? I have less colorful, but stable life and you have colorful, but with lots of ups and downs.

P.S. meditate and color mandalas 🙂


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