It’s easy if you try

For a long time my wardrobe was full of clothes I wasn’t wearing. I store them in a huge box and sometimes I was trying to sell some of them on different fairs, but it didn’t bring much results, as every time after the so called “general cleanings” in my closet, the box was filled again. Last week I decided to put an end to it, I collected all the things and just gave away; one part to a girl who appreciates any gift, and the second part I gave to the charity. Whatever may be said, but there is something special about giving to the others, I immediately felt relief and peace of mind. I am sure that everybody can feel the same, you just need to help others, it isn’t hard to do.

And yesterday was the last time I seen Viola, a girl I was teaching IB economics the last week and a half. It was sad that she’s left Latvia, I liked our lessons and our talks during the breaks. I hope she will succeed with her studies and I hope we meet again.


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