Forum One, day II. Dreams come true.

Two weeks have passed since I returned from the Forum One. My impression is not so strong any more, as I started to forget some details. But maybe it is good that I decided to write about the second day so late, when only the brightest and the most important things survived in my memory.

So the first speaker was Joseph McClendon III, who is a “peak performance coach” and for the first time in my life I’ve been on such type of lectures. I don’t know how he managed to do that, but Joseph literally conducted thousands of people, who were in the Arena. Almost everybody jumped out from their seats and shouted “yes!”, when he told us to do so. I am not even talking about the moment when all people were making shoulder massage to each other; even those who had “diamond” tickets did the massage, which was challenging, as each of them had their own table and they weren’t sitting close to each other. And what is important that everybody were so excited and happy after that lecture. I can’t remember what exactly he said during the  lecture, probably something about personal development, self-confidence and believe. Well, everybody were talking about these topics on the Forum, but Joseph did it in a very unique manner; at some point of time I even felt myself as a part of some sect, because people followed him unconditionally.

Afterwards a lot of other speakers performed on the stage, but everybody was waiting for the last one – Richard Branson. And finally, we were asked to leave the hall in order to prepare it for Richard and I won’t hide that I thought they were preparing the place, because Branson will come from the roof or in any other unusual way… but that was only my fantasy. Instead we were shown the video clip about the Virgin Company and then Richard just came on stage without any performance and started to give the interview.  Did he say something very special? I think no, everything can be found in his book or in his blog; he was talking about the same old concepts of “learning from trying” and “employing those who are better than you”.

This is my attempt to make a video of Branson’s appearance on the stage:

At the end of his interview, Richard was awarded the Ph.D degree by Kaunas University of Technology. That was funny, because he didn’t finish school; moreover, during the interview he mentioned that he doesn’t believe in university degrees.

Lastly, I want to say that one dream came true and  I received Branson’s autograph, which I keep in frame now and which reminds me of everything that was said during the two unforgettable days of Forum One.

2013-06-03 00.26.50

Now I’m looking forward to the next Forum One!


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