Roman holidays

One week has passed since I’ve returned from Rome and my impressions are not too distorted by the emotions. What can I say, it were the real Roman Holidays and my first acquaintance with the Eternal City. And while I still remember all the details, I want to leave some of them here, just a little part:

      1. Trevi Fountain – amazed, I had no idea that it so huge and that it looks as a continuation of the building. I threw a coin, which was given to me by my friend and I hope that she will necessarily come to Rome.Fountain di Trevi
      2. Via Dellle Quatro Fontane – on the first day we accidentally came upon this street, walking nearby our hotel. At each corner of the crossroad there is located a fountain. The street itself is very tiny and despite the fact that the traffic was intensive, a lot of tourists tried to take a photo of each other. This place reminded me of Abbey Road, where tourists almost threw themselves under the cars in order to take a photo while crossing the legendary place.
      3. Pantheon – by the time we reached it, the temple has already been closed. Therefore, we were able to look at it only from the outside. Of course it is large, but everything else is also large in Rome; but what is striking is how well this ancient building fits into the modern city.
      4. Tourist bus – we used only this transport, so as too see as much as possible. The main idea of this bus is that you can listen to the “audio guide that will tell you about all the sights of the city in any language you want .” In fact, most of time you are listening to the classical music, which is supposed to fill in the gap between pieces of stories about the city. Nevertheless, I’ve learned a lot about the history and several architectural objects. Moreover, it was very nice to sit on the second floor – not too hot, everything is visible and it is easy to take pictures, for example:2013-05-02 22.39.56
      5. Vatican – we arrived there on the tourist bus and as soon as we got to the stop there stood a lot of people who were advertising various tours to the Vatican city, which “will give you a unique opportunity to go inside without spending 5 hours in a queue.” We decided to join the Russian group and I didn’t regret. There was a long queue near the Vatican wall. We had a wonderful guide, who was learning in Vatican’s university. Thanks to her I learned a lot of interesting things, not only who and when painted one or the other painting; for instance, the wine bowl of the Emperor Nero, which is 5 meters in radius. Well, he mixed wine with water, but still the size is impressive!2013-05-02 22.48.27Earlier naked human body was a symbol of purity and innocence, then everything has changed for the opposite view; therefore, all what became obscene was covered with fig leaves. I would have never noticed that, but when you know, you can see that some pieces of sculptures and parts of painting were made by another artists.
      6. Sistine Chapel – it is hard to believe that one person could fill so much space alone. Inside the Chapel you can neiter speak nor take pictures, as well as you can’t stay in one place for a long time. You have to look quickly, so as to give a chance to others.
      7. Colosseum – we were not able to join the group, so we spent several hours in a queue under the burning sun. We took an audio guide and quickly went around the whole Colosseum. There is not much what you can observe, but again what impressed me was its age. When I stand near such an old buildings, I feel myself as a speck of the universe. Last time I had the same feeling, when we were visiting an acqueduct build by the Romans in France.2013-05-03 12.39.03
      8. Outlet Castel Romano – it wasn’t easy to get there. We came to a stop by the time the shuttle bus departed, but it turned out that it wasn’t enough place in the bus and we stayed outside waiting for a new one. Luckily, the next bus arrived in 20 minutes instead of 1.5 hours as it was written in the schedule. This outlet is a typical Italian outlet and I like the way how they are built. It is not a huge “box” with hundreds of shops and no windows; Italian outlet reminds a tiny city with its own streets, small shops, cafes, squares and benches.
      9. Villa Borghese – I’d ordered tickets two weeks before the trip and there was already a little choice of date and time. Yes, there are very beautiful pictures inside, but it seemed to me that there are too strict rules for safety. Before entering the museum all visitors have to leave all bags/phones/cameras in a special storage area. I wonder why they are so afraid…2013-05-05 16.04.20
      10. Russian tourists – due to the fact that we were in Rome, when there were also long holidays in Russia, the whole city was swarmed by annoying Russians. I understand why nobody likes them – they behave disgusting, too pathetic, sometimes indecent. Special aggravation among them happens in stores, where they spend hours disturbing all other customers and shop assistants and ultimately leave without buying anything. But the most terrible behavior is in a restaurant. I had the feeling that these people were not fed for several months. And it is still a mystery for me how one women can eat salad, pasta and then pizza with half a bottle of white wine on top…
      11. Street vendors – I can write a separate story about them. They are a living example of how demand determines supply in the market. A drizzle of rain and they offer umbrellas, when the sun starts to shine – they instantly change umbrellas to the special ones made from paper that safe from the sun. The wind is blowing in the evening – not a big deal, they will have a shawl, any color you want, just ask. They also have a very interesting strategy for selling bunches of flowers. When they notice a couple, the vender immediately will give the girl a flower and embarrassed guy will have no other choice than to pay for a gift.
      12. The Spanish Steps – became my favorite place in Rome. I was sitting there with my lovely companion and we were just happy to share the moment…2013-05-02 20.07.372013-05-02 20.05.41The Spanish Steps2013-05-02 22.46.47

These are the fragments from my trip to Rome. It is not all, but for all I need to write a book. By the way, Rome inspired me for a couple of poems and one story that I began to write. In the meantime that is all.

Grazie! Arrivederci!


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