Long-awaited victory

I have started playing in “What?Where?When?” long time ago, when I was still at school. I don’t remember the exact year, as my brain merged school years into one long period, where I completely can’t  orientate. But it’s been a long thorny journey and sometimes we ended up in strange places and situations. I’ll never forget how we were spending nights in sleeping bags in small Estonian school’s sports hall in order to win Estonian Championship; or how we were living in a boarding school in small Russian town, while participating in a local contest; and of course, time spent in Belarus, where we were taking part in European Championship among pupils, will always stay in my memory. A lot of things have changed since that times, now I play in a different team and I don’t regret.



Yesterday we won Latvian Championship among students. The medal I received became the twelfth in my collection, but it is the most desired one. Last year in a heavy fight we won only the third place and finally this year we’ve gained the gold. I was very nervous during the game, especially at the end, when there were only a few questions till the end with no room for error.

So, the next step is European Championship among students, but it seems that we won’t go there, because two people from our team won’t be “students” next year, when the Championship will take place. Even so, I am sure that we still have a lot of other exciting things to come.


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