Meet The Queen!

sorosA couple of days before in the largest auditorium in our university mysteriously disappeared three tables from the front row. I thought that it was because of the recent incident with the “painter” who decorated the desks with his art, so I didn’t take seriously our lecturer’s remark that

“it is for the Queen”.

But when I entered the auditorium today in the morning I realized that actually it was not a joke, because there was a piece of red carpet in front of these seats.

So, it is true, today our university hosted her Majesty The Queen of Sweden and of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend this event. Everything was fine, except three challenges I faced. Firstly, I had a lecture on the Organization and Management at that time, but I was ready skip it. Secondly, I wasn’t in the guest list, so I decided to try my luck and get into without registration. Thirdly, I was followed by two scholars within the framework of the Shadow day project, which even more complicated my decision to attend the event, because I didn’t want to leave my shadows alone!

(Guys, if you read it, I want to say thank you for spending this day with me, I hope you enjoyed it!)


Well, no harm in trying, and eventually we succeeded and all three sneaked inside. There was a lot of security everywhere, The Queen was late for 15 minutes and before she came everybody were asked to stand up (etiquette!). Her Majesty gave a speech about about the project called Mentor, which brings together young people with mentors, who are willing to help. Very worthy idea, I hope the program will be successful in Latvia.

P.S. Who could have thought that I eventually end up today in a couple of meters from the Queen of Sweden…once again convinced that everything is possible!


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