Sunday special

There are a lot of skeptical philosophical hypothesis concerning the existence of reality. And that is a very reasonable question, because we don’t have any credible evidence that the world is not a dream or simulation. Maybe everything that exists, everything we know is just a tiny piece of dust in someone’s universe; maybe there is no universe as we are used to imagine it.

Narrowness of human mind doesn’t allow me to answer on these questions, because we cannot imagine, hence operate with concepts that don’e exist in our world. Previous statement may seem strange, but the point of it is that we cannot come up with something new, as everything we create is just a combination of already existed things.

I am not concerned about the fact that we maybe live in simulated reality, which was created by the conscious minds as a part of the experiment. But what scares me is the aspiration of humanity to turn their life into a virtual system and a lot of proofs can be found in economics. The more I study it the more I understand how fictional it is.

Lets assume that we really exist and we also need some food in order to stay alive, hence it is also real. How we get the food? We exchange it for money, as we cannot exchange nothing for something it can be concluded that money is also something existing. But in reality there is more money in the economy than it physically exists. Because of the money multiplier, 10$ that were put in the banking system end up being 100$. Therefore, people live in illusion and if one day we all wake up and decide to withdraw our money from the banks, they just collapse, because they won’t be able to give us nonexistent things.

Another interesting concept is the self-fulfilling prophecy that is very much applied in economics. The idea is that if all the people would expect something, it will happen. For instance, if all people expect that the bank will go bankrupt, they will run to withdraw their money and then because of the concept I presented in the previous paragraph the bank will really end up being insolvent; and there are tons of other examples, when expectations become self-fulfilling. Consequently, we are not so far away from the virtual world described in “Matrix”, where people were able to control the events occurring the their “life”.


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