Several days ago as a part of Organization and Management course we were studying personality types that were created by Isabel Briggs Myers. According to her system there are 16 types and each type has its own ways of focusing attention, perceiving information, making decision and dealing with the world. It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard about this classification, but I’ve never been sure which type I have. Even after filling the huge test, which results should identify the type, I doubted about its credibility. However, we didn’t receive these results immediately, first we were supposed to determine the type ourselves after listening to the detailed description of all typical characterises that different types have. And surprisingly, my result matched the result of the test, so now I am more or less confident about the type.


I must admit that a lot of things from the description really fit me.
INTJ Personality Type

Here is a short version of personality test if somebody wants to identify its type.


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