Mixed feelings after yesterday’s concert. On the one hand, I’ve never been a fan of Zemfira, nevertheless I like some of her songs, especially from the old repertoire. Recently I’ve been on the presentation of her new album and to be honest new songs didn’t  touch me.

However, I went to the concert and I don’t regret about it at all. Yes, the sound quality and the organization itself were disgusting. My mother, for example, received a coat from the cloakroom without a fur collar. Please note that it was a paid cloakroom, meaning we paid for the “pleasure” of being robbed…but it is rather problems of Arena Riga, where the concert took place.

Returning to the concert and Zemfira there is still something in her that touches. Perhaps it is a very special, sad state of mind that is familiar to everyone. But unlike many she doesn’t keep everything in herself but pours those emotions into creativity.

2013-03-01 22.02.26

I liked flashmobs organized in the fan zone. Firstly audience gathered daffodils and presented a huge bouquet to Zemfira. Then when she started to sing her song called “Seagulls” people unwrapped pieces of papers with printed seagulls and waved during the song that from the side reminded a flock of birds. What was also funny is that from the Instagram photos I could understand where in hall my friends were located.

Almost at the very end of the concert she sang one of my favourite songs:

P.S. The following songs she didn’t sing yesterday I just like them and want to leave here:


One thought on “Zemfira

  1. “Yes, the sound quality and the organization itself were disgusting.” – I’m not sure how experienced are you with concerts, etc., but, in my opinion, sound and light were brilliant at Zemfira’s concert in Riga (March 1st, 2013). Her new album is magnificent, even people who speak no English at all, but have 20+ years experience performing life on stage will tell you that. Best regards.

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