Dark skies in Burlesque

Last night I were invited to the closed presentation of the new horror film called “Dark skies”. Everything concerning this event was strange, starting with the place – Burlesque club and ending with the program of the evening. It was the first time I were in Burlesque club and I still have no idea how other events took place there, but the atmosphere of the club fit perfectly this particular one – dark, mysterious, candles, red color all around…
2013-02-28 18.08.18
Secondly, the people that were gathered there were all strangers to me, except two persons with whom I initially came and one photographer, whom I met on the Riga Fashion Week. It was quite unusual situation, because for me it is hard to go somewhere in Riga without meeting any known people, but to be honest I enjoyed it. And two employees dressed in skeleton costumes made the whole event even more strange.

2013-02-28 18.09.23

As for the program, it is difficult to discribe a single concept, because too many different things were included in it. At first I thought that are supposed to watch only the movie, but eventually there were several dance performances, jazz band, competitions and even the magician, who particulaty impressed me. He inexplicably transformed objects into white doves, made her partner to dissapear and especially spectacular was the moment when two huge parrots suddenly appeared from some rags.
2013-02-28 18.44.022013-02-28 19.18.03

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly. Once again I convinced myself how the whole impression can be spoilt because of not very professional M.C. However, champagne that was kindly provided for free by the organizers slightly improved the situation.

2013-02-28 19.32.502013-02-28 19.28.32

And of course we couldn’t leave without iPhone pictures of ourselves. I am afraid that it is becoming a habit…
2013-02-28 17.57.322013-02-28 20.38.46


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