Latvian Style and Fashion awards 2012

On Monday I went to the awards ceremony for achievements in fashion industry together with my sister and her husband. According to the official dress code guests should have come in the evening dresses. To be short, polite and not go to the person I can say that our “society” has very interesting ideas about the evening dress code. But I am not a fashion guru and not pretending to be one, so I am not judging the people; furthermore, I am not excluding the fact that it may be me with odd notions concerning evening clothes. Therefore, I suggest you to make your own conclusions from the photos that are already available, certainly making allowances for the fact that not all “pearls” are included in these photo reports. These are some, please enjoy: and more

What about the organization, everything was fine, I guess. Of course, may be one bottle of champagne is not enough for 9 people, especially when the firm that produces it is the sponsor of the event. But again, I don’t want to be a snob and criticize everything. After all, there were also two bottles of water and two plates with canapé per table!

But there is a thing which I still can’t understand – how the jury selects who is the most stylish person or the best designer? What are these criteria? Why they are closed to the broad public? Maybe everything is just somebody’s biased opinion?


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