I was born in Riga and I live here all my life. I am not particularly patriotic, nevertheless I have some feelings for this country, it is my home after all. That is why it always hurts me to observe how people  struggle for national issues, especially when they argue about Latvian and Russian languages. But I have never actively supported any of these parts, despite the fact that some changes in language policy directly affected me when I was learning at school not in a pleasant way. I still believe that we should stick together and support each other in order to develop and grow together  instead of moving backwards trying to prove each other whose language is the most important.

However, I was shocked when noticed a new social advertisement against consumptions of unproven alcohol. I just cannot understand why the “warning” of bad consequences after alcohol consumption is written in Latvian and text on the “label” in Russian? Yes, my native language is Russian and I don’t want to look on this “satire”. If you want to make a social advertisement on two languages, well great idea, but then please write all the information in two languages; otherwise it looks as if Russian part of society is this “tempter serpent” who offers to drink cheap alcohol to the others…

If you think that this advertisement is acceptable I would like to hear your arguments why.

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4 thoughts on “Language

  1. The advertisement is acceptable because:
    1) The main language of Latvia is Latvian, therefore all the commercials and all the information should be in Latvian, also I as a Latvian find it offensive when Russian language is used in advertisements and elsewhere because Latvian language is endangered.
    2) Most strong alcohol labels are in either English or Russian

    • 1) That is what I am talking about – commercials should be completely in Latvian. Especially in this case it should be in Latvian, because it has no impact on those people who don’t read in Russian.
      2) I don’ t know about the labels of strong alcohol, but I’ve never seen in Latvia labels that are not translated. At least, it is written in the law that they should be. – part 21

    • Kross, its a very weak position to think that Latvian language is endangered by use of Russian language! Are you scared of most people using Google, for example, in English? Or Facebook? Are you in danger? Not even going to comment on “strong alcohol labels” – pathetic!

  2. totally agree with you michelle !

    and to kross: your argument is lousy and incoherent: since the poster is not in Latvian language only it should be not accepted + what sort of argument is “Most strong alcohol labels are in either English or Russian” ? If they are in your country they should be in your language then.

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