Many months passed since the last time I was playing in the chamber orchestra of Latvian University. Unfortunately, I were forced to sacrifice it  for the sake of learning, but I’ve recently decided that this just can’t continue anymore. My life was closely related to the music for the last 11 years and when I don’t have enough of it I feel an emptiness. And no matter how much I listen to the music, it cannot substitute actual playing a musical instrument, especially in orchestra. It is a very special feeling of unity that musicians have when they perform as a one organism and there are no words that can describe it.

Craziness during the pause or "look I have a fingerboard instead of a neck!"

Craziness during the pause or “look I have a fingerboard instead of a neck!”

Today we played Mozart’s Sumphony №40, which is perhaps the most “pop” symphony he has, thus maybe it is not very exciting to listen to it. But to play… I don’t know why, but each time I play Mozart’s music I remember positive moments that happened in my life. This time I remembered how we played Mozart’s piece on a concert in south France. It was an open space event next to the old vineyard; cicadas were so loud that night, that I thought they would disturb us. But a miracle happened, because cicadas adjusted their song to our rhythm when we started to play!


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