Last fairytale

Last night I attended the event which was supposed to be presentation of Zemfira’s new album. The event was organized by the new webpage or as they call themselves “online magazine on contemporary culture” – As usual, the idea of such the event was good, which I unfortunately can’t say about the implementation. According to the description, first we should have watched movie by Renata Litvinova “Last Rita’s fairytale” and then listen to the new album. However, in reality it happened so that a small room was crammed with people, which organizers didn’t expect; therefore, half on the people sit on the floor, a lot of guests were even standing during the 1.5 h long film. Somehow I was lucky enough to occupy the last empty chair, though I shared it with my friend.

If the death respects the person, she will always warn in advance.

Nevertheless, my viewing experience wasn’t affected, I deeply immersed into the film, which is an absolute masterpiece! Every scene can be considered as an independent picture, costumes perfectly fit the atmosphere of the film and the idea itself is very profound and philosophical. The only thing that really disturbed me was sound quality, every time when musical accompaniment became a little bit louder, speakers started to hiss.

Renata Litvinova

As for further album presentation, I cannot say something about the songs, I just cannot form my opinion, when instead of music I should listen to the miserable likeness that came from terrible speakers. Sorry for being too critical, but I think if you invite people to listen to the music, you should care at least about the sound quality, I am not talking about the fact that there were almost no air to breathe in the room, which is by the way called “an open space”.

I left the event relatively early, so maybe things have changed after. Still, it was only the first kulter event and I hope that they will improve in the future.


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