Great expectations

This will be a long, but exciting day. Firstly lectures, then charity club meeting, then eye doctor, work somewhere in between and Bloggers’ meeting as a final chord. I can hardly image what will happen on this event and I mean not the program or people who will come, I know all that stuff, moreover I personally know almost everybody from the guest list. Right now, hundreds of different scenarious of what could happen are spinning in my head, but I cannot choose one, as there is one element missing, one name on which depends everything. So, I don’t what to plan ahead so as not to get upset later. I will just do my best and try to have some fun.

Looking forward to the evening.

Eventually, one thing I know for sure, no matter what will happen today I have to wake up tomorrow at 7 o’clock in the morning as there will be other people waiting for me. Already now I can say that these weekends will be legendary, but at least I know exactly  what I want. Good luck to me.


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