Shadow day

Last year I spent  “Shadow day” in Latvian Parliament and I must admit that despite the fact that I was sceptic about the whole event, I eventually enjoyed that experience. The initial idea of such a project is very good – as a “shadow” you suppose to walk behind the man for a day, as if you try on his profession in order to understand whether you want to do something similar in the future or not. However, in reality “profession owners” prefer to have the whole “cloud of shadows” instead of concentrating on a particular one, which naturally distorts the desired result.


Something similar happened to me, I was in a “cloud” of shadows, which were gradually disappearing during the day. When they all gone, I was “allowed” to stay  and due to this I received a chance to observe real deputy work, since all what was formerly happening looked more like a theater performance with amateur actors. So, as an individual “shadow”, I not only visited all the “couloirs” of the Parliament, but also took part in “closed” meetings, where a group of  “elite” made several decisions for the whole country and at the end of the day I even attended a political program, which was streamed live some channel.

Thus, my original decision of being a “shadow” in Parliament that was made just out of curiosity resulted in a change of my attitude to this work. Earlier I thought that it is not a real job and deputies receive their huge salaries simply for sitting in the Parliament. But, believe me or not, this work is heavy; whenever decision you make, there will always be disagreed, who will blame you for all world problems.

This year I was on the other side. Today I was followed by Alla, who wants to go to my university next year. I hope that she has received useful experience and I will see her next year among new students.


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