In the long run we are all dead, John Maynard Keynes.

It is rather funny how a simple sentence, which in fact is nothing more than an economic way of saying that people are not immortal, can become a famous quote only because it belongs to Baron Keynes. Nevertheless, with this “inspiring” statement started our new course in the university – Macroeconomics. So, it is high time to prepare a stock of coffee beans for to the next two and a half months of sleepless nights that will be spent in an embrace with textbooks.

On the eve of such a perspective I was playing cello not less than for two hours as if it was the last time I could do so. Strange feeling, like a farewell with beloved one, only instead of the arm I was greedily clutching at the strings. However, this sense of inevitability didn’t prevent me from learning a new piece, which is actually my favorite composition– first part of Elgar’s concert for cello with orchestra. My soul would have sounded as this concert, if it had been a piece of music…


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