Want to play a game?

Once, when I was a child I played a game with my friend, called “for the first time”. The rules were simple: during the period of time we counted events, observations and everything else that happened with us for the first time in our lives. Curiously enough, that soon we lost our count, because too much things were in a novelty. It may seem that for adults the game is not relevant any more, but you have nothing to lose to try it…

Yesterday was the first time in my life, when I was in the Register of Enterprises of The Republic of Latvia. Before that I was dealing with opening new companies only indirectly by preparing all necessary documents, but I have never been “in the field”. I imagined that place as a Central Bureaucracy in “Futurama” – boring, square, grey building with tons of useless papers, endless queues and clueless staff. Well, I must admit that I was right, meaning Latvian Register is really a very classical example of bureaucratic system.

Company Register

Register of Enterprises of The Republic of Latvia

Central Bureaucracy

Central Bureaucracy building in Futurama

Inside the “box” there are many stairs, corridors,everything is as grey as from the outside and the main room looks like a huge nest with bureaucrats. The first rule of this “kingdom” is that you are nobody without a queue ticket. This small piece of paper with a single number becomes for you the most important thing in the world while you are “in the system”. Then the fun part begins, when you join the queue and realize that there are at least 15 people before.

Fisrt you are angry and think about leaving the place, but then, somehow you start to adapt and accept internal behaviour norms. So, the next hour (I believe it is impossible to spend there less) you spend standing in a stuffy room, clutching the miserable ticket in hand. A key role in the story plays the sound which comes every time when the number of the next person is announced, as everybody in the room raise their heads, hoping to find their number on the distribution board, even if they know that there are at least 10 people in front.

So, after an hour and a half spent like Pavlov’s dogs we finally entered the second room, which is exact copy of the first, just a little bit smaller. We were to assure the signature, which is a standard and simple procedure for the registration, but what a disappointment it was, when a notary said she couldn’t do that, because the owner of the signature don’t have a personal code…but all frustration disappeared as soon as we found ourselves in the open air. That’s what was missing all this time!

There was also the second new thing I observed for the first time in my life – http://instagram.com/p/Vm6P6MG6W9/


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