Recently I’ve started to notice that my memory is not so good as it was  before. I’ve began to forget past events, especially difficult for me is to restore their chronological order. I don’t know what is the reason behind, whether I am just getting old or I pass through myself too much information. So now this blog becomes something like external memory drive for my brain.

To be honest, since childhood I prefer paper diaries, but they are completely different from the ones people have electronically. There are more emotions, feeling and dreams. Too personal to show someone, so periodically I put my diaries in a big box wrapped with tape and take them to our warehouse, hopping that among all that piles of rubbish, they certainly won’t draw someone’s attention. There is a good question why I keep them, why not just get rid of them? Well, maybe I secretly wish that one day my diaries, my sacred thoughts will be found. And then depending on a person who will find them, he either will make another soap opera based on my story or study my personality from psychological side of view. In both cases it might be funny, though.

Not to mention, that I have a blog on the Internet ­–, but there are only two open posts and remaining 23 are private. There is a live stream of thoughts right out of my head, I doubt that anyone would understand what I was trying to tell. Even when I myself opened the first post in the blog that was written three year ago, I couldn’t remember anything.

P.S. Sometimes very different people ask me why I still don’t have a blog. I always replied that I don’t have enough time or I don’t see the point to write it. Now it seems to be different.


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